D4_WN5 desert Warrior 3

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5 6 1 (Small) evoque shell
WN5 and body 1st layout wn5 one WN5 two Door-latch-section-early-ma
engine position WN5 davids limits WN5 davids limits roof roof bars
roof bars top spare wheels intercooler on outside intercooler and condensor inside
WN5 chassis for body model Frame complete RaBe Axis and Origin RaBe-Axis-and-Origin
roof line Front end including cooler with HVAC vertical heater pipe route
latteral roll bar and drivers head Laterall roof bar and head ROPS Frame tubes wiring chassis loom 1
wiring chassis loom 2 wiring chassis loom 3 march 2012 1 march 2012 2
march 2012 3 temp3 temp2 temp1
light WN5 right body mar 2012 fr iso mar 2012
dash support frame dash layout Mar 2012 door aperture Body so far march 29th 2012
door catch looking down door glass sill suuport door aperture
front on lateral half from top cage rejig Apr 2nd frame rejig 2 Apr 2nd
A pillar + 30mm on Z on first bend A pillar 674mm to first bend A pillar 714 to first bend screen and engine
screen and engine copy door inside rough location images may2012 2 images may2012
images may2012 3 images may2012 4 images may2012 5 images may2012 6
images may2012 7 images may2012 8 images may2012 9 images may2012 10
images may2012 11 images may2012 12 images may2012 13 Tojo rear wheel cover idea
images may2012 old width images may2012  old indy width screen images may2012 old indy width plus 50mm overall
screen images may2012  old indy width Door infill assy (front) Door infill assy (reart)
images may2012 old width +50mm wheel-body-offset-right-sid inner arch may 2012 rear wheel coverage arch test
top shock wish roof scoop may 12 roof scoop 12 roof scoop may 12 2
nav equip hieght CATIA with frame and radiator rad suuport 1 rad suuport 2
rad suuport 3 rad suuport 4 rad suuport 5 rad suuport 6
rad suuport 7 rad suuport 8 rad suuport 9 rad suuport 10
snorkel Sill shield sill shield with door Wheel clearance May21 front front
Wheel clearance May21 front rear Wheel clearance May21 rear both for paul frightener for paul cheer up
for paul cheer up 2 Handbrake valve (2) final panels june 20th final panels jun 20 2
body at early june body early june for plug Bonnet closed half car section Bonnet open normal half car section
Bonnet fully opn vertical half car section front end surfaces only front end surfaces only 2 front end surfaces only 3
with front with front 2 with front 3 with front right side - Copy
with front right side front panel cut (Custom) with front front on spots side on 1
spots front on narrow spots wide spots high and narrow evouque front slam panel
evoque standard front end roof scoop dash final 010812 snorkel for plug
door inner panels for plug rear suspension 030812 Intercooler air con and oil coolers Intercooler air con and oil coolers side on
booby location door hige upper LHS BR 1013 tow hook FIA regs car body dims 2012
rear outrigger 080812 towing eye 070812 tow eye V2 070812 tow eye V2 2 070812
tow eye v2 3 070812 rad scoop ftting throw frame rear x member fr 1056 no hole
fr 1056 with  hole snorkel 1 snorkel 2 snorkel 3
snorkel 4 snorkel 6 snorkel 7 snorkel 8
snorkel foam 1 snorkel foam 2 bash shield 120809 bonnet corner
front subframe mounting Bash shields and the cheese grater shields 100812 shields 100812 2
shields 100812 3 shields 100812 4 glass body 100812 shields 100812 5
shields 100812 6 shields 100812 7 spot lights lower down shield mounts 1
shield mounts 2 outrigger rear bumpper 1 outrigger rear bumpper 2 hydraulic ram left 1
hydraulic ram left 2 exhaust space exhaust 3pipes exhaust 3  2
exhaust 3 pipes  2 sill bar example 150mm from outrigger 111 WN5 complete car New coords
WN5 complete car New coords 6 WN5 complete car New coords 7 WN5 complete car New coords 8 sill shield with support
door mirror final panels side scoop side scoops side scoops 2
gold wn5 wn5 orange sill bar and door sill from below
photo24 shields shields 2 rear spoiler
rear valance WIP 140812 door catching wing door catching wing 2 wings split
photo12 Left wing final front bumper dash and door aperture
footwell on car 1119 Handbrake valve (1) Handbrake valve door window by mirror
rear valance WIP 200812 rear valance final 2208012 rear valance and X member body for stickers RH 2
final panels final panels body for stickers LH body for stickers LH 2
body for stickers LH 3 radiator pipes screen errors rear x member
gold wn5 wn5 sticker dims LHS wn5 sticker dims LHS top side scoops 3
le havre 2013 body-for-stickers-LH-grey for-test-drive-invatation invatation
invatation-2 invatation-3 nav equpment body for stickers LH 4
Door handle layout RaBe Axis and Origin new AIMS-MXS-start-screen Body Panels LHS.jpg
Body Panels top IP C panel and switches