Month: December 2014

3d scanner upgraded and first test of race seat

Tested the upgradedĀ 3D scanner on a race seat over christmas the shiny black is hard for 3D scanners but the new scanner is looking good. modelled it up and inserted it into the new chassis […]

Triumph TR4 Skid pan and bash shield

This is a Skid pan for the Triumph TR4.   made from tough 6082 alloy the same as we use on the Dakar cars, this on is light and protects the sump and lower arms […]

Design of a lotion roller and tray

This was a simple design that resulted in a very satisfying model 3D printed version being made for the vacuum forming machine.   Share your joy of knowledge with the world..

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Bowler wildcat on beady race tall sill stands

Race car pit stands ultra tall

I designed these to stack when not needed and weigh 30% less than using a wheel type stand. I used stress analysis to get the top mount just right. Share your joy of knowledge with […]