Painting with Light := too much time on my hands ??

light painting Alex's seat
light painting Alex’s seat

Something’s just catch my imagination…daily 🙂 well actually constantly.
I came across this fun project a while ago and put it onto the list of TO (DO) play .
While building some race car emulators I noticed the LED strips had dropped in price so the time was right and one was ordered. a spare Raspi was enlisted and 1 hour later I had something working.
Then it just  waited on the bench while teasing me while I did the more important things.
today I finished it, added some buttons and stuck it on a strip.
then zapped the SD card with a power spike. restarted the build again and now its working.
I have put it out to the family and friend for ideas. tonight we will have a go. And see what painting with light can bring.
so with a cost of ÂŁ30 GBP and a couple of bd minutes fun will be upon us.

with thanks to Gavin for the inspiration  although having to learn a new programming language PYTHON was a bit of pain and it appears to be irrelevant..

PYTHON why?  what’s it do better than other alternatives?




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