30 years #2

Downtown Manhattan and a statue by a French bloke..

Ferry across the Hudson.. (sing in a New York accent)
Obligatory Statue picture, apparently its by some French bloke and it is meant to be quite famous, I’ve never heard of it before but the ferry went past it so I thought I may as well get a quick photo just in case someone can tell me what’s so good about it 🙂
World trade centre 2019, outside and….
Inside.  The Oculus train station at One world trade centre New York
do you come here often love?
there are some odd building in Manhatton
but New York does have the odd pretty building this is the old ferry terminal at South Ferry next to the new Staten island ferry terminal
orange boat…err and its to Staten island…
SNOWFLAKE ALERT :Two chinks go into a bar one says to the other is it nippy in here or is just me 🙂 but they didn’t , instead they got into this Rolls Royce and sloped off.
RIP Top gear
More dreary metro rides around New York, the only decent Metro station is the 9/11 world trade centre and thats a really sad place to have a cool station, all the rest want to make you jump on the tracks.
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