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Agadir is like any Spanish holiday town ,Easyjet fly from Manchester three time a week all year round for £160 return.. Hmmm.

We travelled north through Agadir for an alcohol restock ,this is a huge metropolitan town and greatly improved, in 2004 while doing the Plymouth-Dakar challenge with Chris and Sandra we camped just north of the city on the flat plateau that stretched for miles out towards the sea with hundreds of other motorhomes, now it’s all gone , vast new holiday resorts and a posh new roads are the signs of progress, all the plastic motorhomes are on huge campsites with water parks, quad bike hire and all the other normal holiday type stuff, the plastic motorhomes are driving down the road in two’s and three’s every few minutes there are thousands of them.

I suppose the new motorway that now reaches Agadir and the new dual carriageway that goes through Tisnit to Guelmin helps them all come and enjoy the winter sun.

Coast road to Essaouira.

We found a nook in the coast and camped with some surfer dudes for the night, then took the coast road to Essaouira, at the moment this road is track , some rough, some graded, so we saw no plastic motorhomes , we found an amazing fishing village down a really rough steep track.

It wasn’t me dad it was like that when I got here ….



And found skeletons hanging in trees !!!

Wrong turn!! maybe


then we got stopped by a tortoise crossing the road

why did the Tortoise cross the road?
Milly eligantly tries to save the tortoise from the wheels of doom.


On the Fort bou jerif road we got stopped by kissing rodents.



I suppose it better than when we had to wait for the duck getting raped when we were in Wales in 2016..


We arrived in Essaouira, the fact that Easyjet now fly direct to the new posh airport in town from the UK hasn’t changed it a bit….. OK, its heaving and every nook and cranny in the town is full of tourist tat there is lot’s of flat bloated tourist’s  munching through nasty Tajines and consuming Watney’s red barrel, cue Monty Python travel agents sketch. There are two huge 18 hole golf courses and we thought we had seen a lot of RR Evoques and new RR sport’s on our travels but it appears Essaouira residents have a liking for new Aston Martins we have seen three of them all on Moroccan plates!

off to the 5  star medina resort and Spa for a little late trip pampering for Milly and a steak and chips  in the souk.{when in Rome}

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