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Best things about Lusaka according to the Internet.

Everyone we met at campsites told us that don’t stop in Lusaka its really bad, we will get mugged or worse.

When we were with Mark at Kapyshisha hot springs he was in the Zambian CI5 special police in the 90’s and told us all about how violent it was.

not sure whats going on here

Tripadvisors top ten things to do in Lusaka all involve leaving it and driving at least 2 hours away.

If you look at Tripadvisors top 20 then at #13 it starts listing taxi firms.

well our little technical breakdown taught us to wait and see.

Lusaka was a clean and tidy sprawling city and very friendly.

although walking down the roads and having people shout out of cars,’ spot the whitey’ or people walking passed you and saying ‘hey look a whitey’ was interesting, not threatening but shows you that some of the BLM lot should get out more.

and just in case you are desperate at night for a jerry can, they sell them at the traffic lights

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