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Green lanes in France : part 2 — The Dordogne gets narrow

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On day one off-roading we came across a 110 defender and a couple of  fat Toyotas with roof tents  having a bit  lunch in a farmers field, they where most helpfull and allowed me to copy there entire portfolio of tracks.

This included a route from a different magazine and it started back in Beynac, we have no Tripmeter except an App on the phone but there where more waypoints than the other routes to ensure we are on the correct route, Now then, being a bit of a geek and having the odd gadget I had with me Oziexplorer on the laptop and a GARMIN GLO Bluetooth gps, these had all worked happily together at home and the day before, but after typing in all the waypoints and arriving at a very crowded car park in Beynac, then watched idiot French Tourists jam themselves and a tour bus and a canoe bus into a tight end spot of the car park for 20 minutes I fired up the setup confident my ace navigator would have a easy time to find that the GPS would not talk to the laptop Milly sat quiet and watched a nerd take deep breaths and finally give up we went blind into the Northern land of the river Dordogne, we found the first turning but the French are cunning, since the route was published they had installed Dead end signs and this did throw us off for a while , …… after 3 trips around a very nice little village, the track where nice and easy with great views, it took a bit to learn what the author had drawn but we got the hang of it until we tuned out onto a main road by a small memorial.

Range rover camper extreme at war memorial dordogne

Emerging from the Forest.

we drove up and down the road and we where sure we had the correct trip reading Milly was sure that the tiny track on the left surely couldn’t be it, but she was wrong .

it was a tight twisty track up above the valley and into an amazing forest we emerged right in front of a abandoned chateau with its overgrown church pearing from the undergrowth from here on the track got better/worse depending who you talk to.

For some reason Milly would not camp here ??

For some reason Milly would not camp here ??

it was getting late and I decide we could camp here…. that was my decision  Milly’s was slightly different and very vocal, so we headed out and found Chateau Cammarque.


Something escaped from the ruins !!!

Something escaped from the ruins !!! ( I’ll get some grief for posting this picture)

I have found this website simple and clear on what to see in France.


Chatteau Cammarque, nice quiet place

A castle with added Troglodyte

Here we camped in the grounds and I pointed out that when you camp IN the forest you can see who is watching, but when you camp in a small open field edged with dark woods then the ghouls are watching from the dark shadows, it didn’t go down too well.  .

here is the route we took from this article.    Download full pdf scan  and   you will need a password for the .zip try here thanks to the Allmakes centre for sponsoring this.

routes for green laning in France

and ZIP file with Oziexplorer route and waypoints  HERE    Just to make your life easier.


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Green lanes in France : part 1

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An Englishman in France with a Range Rover P38 and map…

So I sit here with this view,

the river view from Lalinde wild camping

The Office window for today  :     Lalinde Pontours ,Dordogne


and I decided to share the tracks we are doing in France, when organizing the trip it was hard to find information, most information was old and the links on the forums where dead, so I decided I would post them on my blog so that unlike facebook and the other gready corporations that suck content for there own profit I will control my content… ( deep breath calm down dear).

The 4×4 mags in France have produced some great routes for all to enjoy and I managed to keep a few and find a few here and there, the tracks are all legal and they take you on a fantastic drive around rural France popping in and out of the tourist parts but mainly avoiding the traffic.

They are suitable for just about any 4×4 although expect some scratches, there is nothing challenging for any of the bikers who may use them  but you would sure have nice ride with great views and lovely picnic spots.

Here are some of the images from around the Dordogne area of Beynac and Domme .

Pistes du Dordogne green lanes of France (5) Pistes du Dordogne green lanes of France (1) Pistes du Dordogne green lanes of France (2) Pistes du Dordogne green lanes of France (3)

Range rover camper green laning on tracks in the France

Rocks with grooves from the old horse and carts


For others to follow here is a plot of a nice route , Start in Tremolat and finishes in Beynac a very pretty town on the bank of the river although full of plastic motorhomes and family full cars.

Tremolat to Beynac route image

Google earth KML file and Oziexplorer PLT file in a ZIP.

dordogne route from beynac tracks greenlane 4×4 moto


The Rando books from the 4×4 mags can be downloaded from  these links.(later)


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