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Piss easy Pistes du Alpes part 2

amazing how much even the Belgiums despise the EU, everyone they knew was in full agreement that the EU is not a democracy….she was an investigative journalist!! shows just what the EU is doing for […]

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P38 4.6 and the extreme dogger get a snow foam bath

Snow foam wash for the P38’s

SWMBO gets her 4.6 Range Rover on the road. First they both need a wash. Then a visit to big brothers house for a gratuitous photo-op with his TD6     Share your joy of […]

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De ja vu

something strange this way comes….. so yesterday a Dodge 50 RB44 and an Iveco roll up, how spooky the owner of the Iveco is Kev moody long time no see from Dakar 2006. Share your […]