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Sandbach car and commercial scrap yard

GIMP & Sony A6500

Writing some python script to resize ,add shadow, add logo, save as jpg to new directory then….. outlook VBA code scans directory and uploads image to WordPress automatically.. only took 2 days to get it […]

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A gaggle of Land Rovers in a yard

Yard Photography

So the rear yard is a workstation for many projects from the SKY 1 program Carnage Monster truck to race cars, here are some photos of the YARD.   Share your joy of knowledge with […]

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anodised Original aluminium flight cases

Original Aluminium cases

Just because …. these are the genuine 1980’s 1990’s cases the company is still going but the prices are a bit higher… try £65,000 for this baby…. Share your joy of knowledge with the […]

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P38 4.6 and the extreme dogger get a snow foam bath

Snow foam wash for the P38’s

SWMBO gets her 4.6 Range Rover on the road. First they both need a wash. Then a visit to big brothers house for a gratuitous photo-op with his TD6     Share your joy of […]

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Dashcam viewer software latest version 2018 for Koonlung

DashCam Viewer for Koonlung

Here is the latest version (called V6.1.3 in the release notes ) of the  Dashcam viewer called RegistrationViewer.exe. RegistrationViewer V6.1.3 Password If you have a Koonlung Dashcam, you may find some features don’t work […]