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Oman 2018 , camping and exploring.

Toyota Land cruiser 5.7 V8 off road in Oman
Toyota Land cruiser 5.7 V8 off road in Oman
And the start of the fun, every track is legal in Oman.
IBRi castle in the wadi of oman, Lunch time in the shade
Milly rests after a hard slog up the dunes in southern Oman
some lovely sunsets
Snake canyon, miles and miles of rock cut like butter
Christmas day call home 🙂
Milly holding up the world
Sama Wakan hotel, in Wakan heritage village deep in the high mountains, fantastic place
Some nice old building , very much the opposite of Dubai
Wakan trail into the mountains
Rare picture of us together
Milly checks out how fat she looks in her little black dress !!!
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Spot the plane

On our travels to Oman at the border…that doesn’t let you into Oman if the car isn’t in your name !!!! there was a airfield with some interesting old commercial jets.

after the little issue of the IK man being locked up for spying I decided not to take any photos on the ground but here’s’ a shot from google earth.

and the location in GE. can you work out what they are. Not all are American some a UK and some Russian.

Beady race on tour in UAE

and here is the actual Google earth location.


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BMW M57 & M57N deisel engine leak off pipe upgrade

The leak off pipe on the BMW diesel is prone to breaking when moved or even just when driving, the plastic gets brittle 

the upgrade kit from here 
BMW leakoff kit on ebay

this is a HD brass kit but with one issue, the pipe they supply is rubbish and soon starts to leak after getting warm a few times, the solution is to use Gates 3.2mm pipe and some Mikalor spring clips like this..

This is the right way and last for whatever abuse you give it.

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GIMP & Sony A6500

Sandbach car and commercial scrap yard

Writing some python script to resize ,add shadow, add logo, save as jpg to new directory then…..

outlook VBA code scans directory and uploads image to WordPress automatically..

only took 2 days to get it working 

Python is such a pain in the arse language..

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Yard Photography

So the rear yard is a workstation for many projects from the SKY 1 program Carnage Monster truck to race cars, here are some photos of the YARD.

Hutu the Dogger and the Series Rat rod

the Four Six sits majestically in front

Hutu and the beast at midnight

It was a quiet day, but count the Land Rovers in the yard


The monster ready for the desert

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Garmin 276Cx hidden tricks for route navigation.

If you are doing old school routing i.e.’ Direct routing’ you may want to move on to the next waypoint before arriving at the current one, maybe the ground has changed and you can’t reach it , like a new dune or gulley blocking your progress.

If you are using AUTO in the routes setup

Routes setup on Garmin 276Cx to auto advance the waypoints of a route
Routes setup on Garmin 276Cx

then the Garmin will advance automatically, but do you know how it decides that you are not trying to get to a waypoint ?

Well here is an explanation. ( sorry about the artwork I was in a moving car/fighter jet /Drunk or I am just rubbish at drawing)

How GArmin GPS decides to move to the next leg of a jurney automatically

so there is no option to force a move onwards you have to wait until the GPS has detected you have crossed the bisected line which does work well in most cases.

But , what happens if your have a reason to us a distance radius to the waypoint to make the Garmin progress to the next waypoint, then unless you travel inside the radius you have set in the menu then the Garmin will keep pointing at that waypoint.

Routes setup on Garmin 276Cx to Disyance advance the waypoints of a route
Menu to set a radius to activate the next leg of the route

Why would you use Distance/radius to do this?

Well competitions where you MUST follow a route exactly and validate each waypoint, or situations in an area with lots of tracks and it forces you onto the right track, using AUTO could give you a XTE (cross track error)  type situation and lead you into undesirable terrain that is adjacent to the easy path.

The Solution only appears when the Route Setup is set  DISTANCE or MANUAL.

When the route is activated, press the NAV button and this menu appears with the NEXT ROUTE WAYPOINT menu option highlighted

Move to next waypoint route option on Garmin 276Cx
Move to next waypoint

simply press ENTER and the next leg of the route will be selected or in other words the next waypoint in the route will be selected as the next destination

the menu option is available in all PAGES

But not when the routes setup is set to AUTO

Move to next waypoint on Garmin 276Cx
Move to next waypoint not available in Auto


when on MANUAL the GPS will alert you with a beep approximately 20-15 seconds before you arrive at the Waypoint so there is no set distance to alert you it depends on speed,

It BEEPS on the internal speaker if it is handheld, however it uses the external speaker if you are in the mount used for cars. If you have no speaker plugged into the car mount then you will not get notification to manually  move on so BE CAREFUL.

Enjoy this little tip from bd 🙂



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FOX remote reservoir dampers for Mk2 Range Rover P38

Well we had to move to the end game….

Now the full weight is finalized at 2800kg, we now  have the correct springs from Spring Coil Ltd in Sheffield , then all that is left is to have the right dampers

so here they are ->
FOX 2.0" racing shocks smooth bore for Range rover P38 Mk2
Fox 2.0″ remote reservoirs with 10 way clickers, set up by the excellent Paul at Prolinx suspension

Prolinx for all your FOX damper requirements

 Not that I wanted a Dakar race Range Rover … Honest 🙂 just some high speed scenic drives 🙂

range rover damper conversion
bush to fit Defender/Disco 1/RRC dampers to P38 Range rover

This is how neat they fit, this is the Front LH

small cut to allow the elbow to clear the chassis

The cut in the rear chassis is about 25mm wide. on the Exhaust side I cut the bar that supports the exhaust silencer just to help clearance if the bush get worn.( the photo is looking upwards, the yellow spring is the top of the spring)

The reservoir has to be on the side to clear the roost guard, there is just enough hose to allow it, the union can be slacked of to allow it to twist without de-gassing the damper.

Fox remote reservoir dampe with adjuster



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