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At the Smithsonian Air and Space museum Washington are some interesting items that are works of art beyond any oil painting or sculpture see if you agree..

Part of the structure of an airship, look at the elegant way the bracing is made.
a thing of beauty
lovely valve gear
12 Cyl three banks, I bet the crank journals are tiny. that was also the very first thing that Milly thought of as well… maybe

Napier Lion triple four engine, 24 litres DOHC, billet heads, 450 hp, 1918 !

 Head gasket anyone ? Because a turbo two stroke flat twelve diesel is not enough they added a jet engine on the bottom…really 😲 it was extremely fuel efficient better than all but the latest car hybrids,
If you think working on this engine is labour intensive then ->>>>

Napier Nomad is an amazing engine more here 

try lapping the valves on this beauty ….. all 36 cylinders !!!

Lycoming made this 7000 hp monster, read more on this amazing engine here

a bearing in the remote arm of the space shuttle. just this was an amazing bit of engineering ..but look at the wiring loom..pah
also look at the wiring on that….  sloppy work on the Skylab
the PDU ( power Distribution Unit) from Motec is not even close to this, but the wiring is still sloppy, why do the space people do such random wiring?? please let me know, some of it was so tight to apertures that it must rub through at some point.
Oh you want to know what it is?
it’s the PDU for the Hubble telescope that was swapped when they fixed the focus issues. and it is the size of a wardrobe.
Russians are a bit neater but still have a similar style, I always love the green the Russians use.
 Inertial guidance system for the minute man missile, all this now fits on a match head and is solid state.
in the museum was our first GPS… and I sold ours on eBay…dam
I bet no one  guess’s why this panel from the Hubble telescope  has so many holes in it. click the image to see what type of holes they are for a clue.
Lindbergh’s tool kit when he was the first person to cross the Atlantic, no hammer FFS, but it does have a square spanner Chloe 😀
 Looks impressive  , the body work is a bit shoddy but I reckon it could have made some changes to history had it been built a year or two earlier

…. did I mention there was a Blackbird in the hall

Milly let me drive over an hour into a snow storm to look at this, she never tutted and even made me believe she was interested.. I am lucky to have such a wife.
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Please can I go to the aircraft museum on our wedding anniversary ??

in a blizzard snow storm, I promise to stay married for another 30 years (although it may not be with you after this )…please pretty please, you never know you may like it. and then we can do it every year …

our 30th wedding aniversay evening on the ferry docks for the Delaware – new Jersey ferry.. and that girl is here doing a  photo bombs again , she’s even still got the same coat on…WTF
oh what joy Milly was so happy to see the sign appear through the snow storm

WARNING: If you want to see the SR71 blackbird at the national air and space museum in Washington, then Don’t go to Washington it’s not there!!, it’s at the satellite museum of the air and space museum at Chantilly here

This site is much better, more exhibits including a space shuttle and Concorde and easy parking

Is there a better engineered shape? you can keep your oil painting and you church roofs this is a shape and machine that is beyond comparison
Milly let me drive over an hour into a snow storm to look at this, she never tutted and even made me believe she was interested.. I am lucky to have such a wife.
the people who put this on paper should be proud
and proof I was actually there, a rare photo of me on a pilgrimage.

There was other interesting things at the museum like……..

some of the oldies were just excellent
this was a scary French bomber
looks fast just stood still.. and a kit plane that can do 400MPH !!!
just too much content in these two  pictures to comment on
Emilia Earhart’s plane , A inspiration for my girls
even my mum knows what this is…
and again did I mention there was a Blackbird at this museum ??
what a collection
look at the arse on that..
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30 years #2

Downtown Manhattan and a statue by a French bloke..

Ferry across the Hudson.. (sing in a New York accent)
Obligatory Statue picture, apparently its by some French bloke and it is meant to be quite famous, I’ve never heard of it before but the ferry went past it so I thought I may as well get a quick photo just in case someone can tell me what’s so good about it 🙂
World trade centre 2019, outside and….
Inside.  The Oculus train station at One world trade centre New York
do you come here often love?
there are some odd building in Manhatton
but New York does have the odd pretty building this is the old ferry terminal at South Ferry next to the new Staten island ferry terminal
orange boat…err and its to Staten island…
SNOWFLAKE ALERT :Two chinks go into a bar one says to the other is it nippy in here or is just me 🙂 but they didn’t , instead they got into this Rolls Royce and sloped off.
RIP Top gear
More dreary metro rides around New York, the only decent Metro station is the 9/11 world trade centre and thats a really sad place to have a cool station, all the rest want to make you jump on the tracks.
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30 years …

First class on BA to new York , and the air hostess knew who we where from Dakar, turns out she is a uber fan of Dakar and said to meet us was the best people ever in 20 years of first class service to have on board. we got first ++ service 🙂

Constant supply of top champagne pleased some of the passengers on the flight…
Not your average in flight meal, lovely al a carte steak, and later fresh baked scones.
Amazing wooden escalator in Macy’s department store.
homeless people in cold New York are very resourceful.
Horses on the Central park queue fight the pigeons for their tea
Central park and the perimeter of big buildings. Its a nice place in the centre of a city, but thats it
Someones in Wonderland
unusual and disturbing sculpture near central park metro station
The New York Metro is a seriously depressing place.
View of downtown Manhattan from the Empire state building.
isn’t it just 🙂
Cool NYPD support vehicles ina big line up
DeLorean back to the future….nearly
NYPD in times square
Times square
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