Don’t go to Morocco for sand and sun.

Because Morocco is so much more, we awoke in the amazing valley of rounded rocks and high mountains that surround Tafroute to this…

  1. Hot Sunshine
  2. Palm trees
  3. Sand
  4. Empty peaceful campsite
  5. And it had snowed in the night and we were just below the snow line.
  6. And a rainbow on the campsite.

And here is the picture of it all in one frame if you don’t believe me.

When travelling around randomly the sights you see cannot be planned in a Travel agents office they are amazing because you don’t expect them.

This is not lense flair it was actually in the sky.

Look at this Moon halo 22 degree from a desert camp a week ago just to prove the point. This looked like a portal to the starts, fantastic, the picture does not do it justice in anyway.

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