Fez, Nice castle walls , smelly Tannery

After Volubilis and a look into Roman empire we wondered down to the modern city of Fez, the walled city is very pretty and we ventured into the souk to see the tanneries, the souk is pretty standard and nothing special but wow how the leather tanneries smell, we were guided down little back ally after little back alley to as non tourist tannery and it was very genuine, the impromptu guide was not taking no ( we clearly had some skills that needed reacquiring),get stuffed as any sort of guidance, obviously he thought we would be lost and was amazed when we went straight back to the main souk even commenting ‘you are a clever man, well done’ . the years of being asked by Milly, “remember that shop we visited 20 years ago, can we go there now!! Has done me good 🙂


The campsite Diamond Vert is very impressive and of a standard that would befit any decent European Site, it even has a decent water park and very tidy rental villas, but it was the real Morocco of old we came to see and experience.

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