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Kenya general elections

In a few weeks time Kenya goes to the polls for a general election, it’s a big deal in Africa because Kenya is rich in comparison to most other African countries and has a reasonable democracy.

The MP’s are everywhere with trucks and vans with load speakers banging music out are everywhere.

The Budgets for the candidates are huge and not limited like in the UK, we are talking tens of millions of UK £ the big budgets have actually affected the inflation in Kenya !!!

and also 1 in 6 MP’s have a helicopter and a lot also have two, imagine if your local MP flew around in a helicopter, If Johnson uses one they all cry fowl and we are the 5th richest country in the world FFS

anyway at ake Naivasha this lady had one of the huge billboards with this advert for her election campaign.

MP advert using WRC car

Imagine a UK MP using this in an advert, and the car being in the air !!!, but with all the money motorsport makes for the UK economy and the jobs it creates, if an MP did, then they maybe would get a lot of votes

pps the wheel barrow in the logo is just class

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