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Luangwa NP : part 2

After camping by the northern part on the Etuba community campsite we did the 200k off road down to the south part of the park,

the security gates are great in Africa, real rustic touch
boabab make the range rover look small
Huge boabab make the range rover look small

this is the more touristy part and very pretty.

there were many overlanders on the camp and we had to do the usual tour of dogger.

another amazing sunset, watching over hippos shitting on each other

A Uk family where also here and we had followed them down the west side of the river , at every security gate you have to fill in you name, and I noticed we were a couple of hours behind the family of simmonites

At the camp we found out they are indeed related to the racing simmonites!! small world, but they don’t race.

this campsite has also wildlife going through it, in fact the monkeys are thieving little bastard, on the first night we had a family of elephants walk through and then just as a was locking up at night i cam face to face with a Leopard, not 3 feet away, luckily I had my torch and it just slowly walked of.. maybe the monkeys arent so bad after all.

the next day we got up at 5am to be at the park entrance for 6am so we could get the animal feeding and being fed up on.

there is a huge croc just in from the waters edge, the mother took the little elephant away for safety
elepants invading  african safari lodge
these elephants wondered into a luxury 5 star lodge and started demolishing the garden while the staff looked on helplessly

the elephants were also blocking a villa with guests in who should have left for the airport , but the elephants weren’t bothered.

different style of tourist buses in Zambia, all have the screens cut off
when they get close it get a little worrying
we sat and watched the sun go down with some South Africans talking about Dakar
zebra in zambia
they even have different zebras here…. they have stripy legs
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