Range Rover overland camper build diary : part 1

This is the diary of the extreme overland camper Ā  ‘DOGGER’

first came the CAD model, complete 100% including the standard P38 range rover was modelled in CAD and a custom visio template designed for the new wiring loom.

everything was pre designed to the 1/10 millimetre, the build was in inches but hey ho that’s life šŸ™‚

First get a range rover, the P38 cost 1200Ā£ from ebay, L322 is Chris my Brother/Fabricator/and chief Sikaflex applier ( SWMBO doesn’t even let me paint the house)

we ran it around for a day then started work

ripped out the old 2.5 diesel and the entire wiring loom and all the ECU’s

moved the ABS ecu and the transfer box ecu up high behind the dash and placed the new BMW M57 ecu high also. The ECU has the immobiliser removed and a torque /High MPG map installed, we also carry a spare so we are never left for dead…maybe

There are nearly 1000 wires in the complete new loom

I reverse engineered the comms to the HVAC and dash display and made a bespoke BECM to make them work. including cruise control that’s built into the engine ECU

The engine mountsĀ  from the old engineĀ are a close fit , the right hand side has to be dropped on the chassis side for the turbo to fit nice.

Trouble removing injectors from the M57 engine , required a big puller which just snapped the injector in half :-(, the eventual engine I used was bought with no injectors so I knew they would come out, copper grease ensure they will again.

Everything fitted and ready for the new engine

this is a custom plate between the gearbox and engine as used on our Dakar cars to ensure a tight seal for wading.

air box removed with a grinder and slitting disc.

3d printed crank case breather to adapt the breather after the airbox is removed , you can buy it here.Ā  and get lots more info about it here.
testing the WEBASTO diesel heater and the engine water system

M57 3ltr diesel fitted, now to sort the air filter out and the snorkel

breather pipes for axles and diffs and gearbox, green for ARB lockers, white for fuel burning heater, black for breathers.

breathers routed into snorkel, this cap goes on the air filter and seals tight

interior switches converted to standard simple mode of operation, only two needed now, carbon effect covers the old holes

the Air suspension switch has been reprogrammed to work the Air compressor and ARB diff air lockers

RAnge rover AES switch rprogrammed
All in one compressor and ARB locker switch

bringing all the new wires together at the new fuse box in the place of the old passenger airbag

Custom fuse box finished, behind it is the ABS ecu and the engine ECU

new engine in and plumbing on the bulkhead finished

The finished engine bay, P38 with M57 engine and everything else redesigned to fit proper.

The custom front bumper is CAD designed , it fits the standard Range Rover and protects the washer bottle and A/C components neatly

it carries the Hi lift jack and down the front is the Tirfor winch rope

Hot dip galvanized, we did this on Merlin our old 4×4 truck camper and after 17 years there was zero rust, its worth the effort

first fit and it looks good.Epynt military tracks South Wales 2016


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