Range Rover Overland camper build diary : part 2

With the engine and wiring sorted we ran it around and offroaded it to test it all worked, before starting on the living part of the body.

Off roading the P38 in Wales
Barmouth area in range rover on mountain side
camping in the perfect (COLD)location
Bialey the garage dog

even Bailey the garage dog wanted to try it out

two engines later 😒 dont ask …

we started the camper body build in late 2016.

The CAD model was pretty final but we had to test that it worked in real life, so with the help of some wood roof lath we built a mockup to test.

Milly takes a beer in the future overland camper design

so the long slog of cutting of the rear body began and all the down to the chassis we went.

cutting rear body of range rover
Range rover floor cutaway
Range rover floor cutaway rear mount

It might be muddy but there is zero rot

Range rover floor cutaway for new camper back end

Only the floor pan of the Range Rover left to cut out

the range rover makes a great base for a camper

Chris taking it to be sandblasted and painted

range rover chassis ready for sandblasting
Range rover shotblasted

refitting the rear axle after the paint has dried

refitting rear axle to range rover overland camper project

Make sure everything is sealed when you got into the artificial desert of the shotblasters 🙂 

air filter tested after the shot blasting

The floor cross member is prepared to receive the new alloy rear frame

I decided to remake a ridged monocoque body as the vehicle is short and twisting shouldn’t affect it too much…hopefully.

centre crossmember on body shell of range rover cut away

First we start with the new floor

here is the CAD model

3d model of camper floor for overlander

and here it is being made..

alloy floor on range rover skeleton

The underfloor heating pipes are made ready to be bonded into the floor.

underfloor heating pipes on camper
underfloor pipes for a campervan central heating

The floor comes back from the manufacturers and is cut down to size

bonded floor for camper

The floor is tested it fits and now off back to Kev’s to fabricate the rear

Stubbs fabrication making extreme overland camper
Kev shows his appreciation of the complicated design ..

the rubber buffers for the roof pop up to sit on

Fuel filler from a defender has a filter and an extending neck to help filling from a can,They are available new from Britpart

Testing the pop up roof design works, and it  does very good and very stable

now it is named the Milk float because it looks like one..

pop up roof on overland camper

The Body returns to my garage to continue with the panels roof build and the

The Interior build begins  in PART  3

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