Range Rover Overland camper build diary : part 4

we are now in march 2017 trying to get ready to go to the Allrad show 2017 in May.  Time is running out ‍♂️

now the interior is in, nearly šŸ™‚  we send her off to be painted

and the colour ?

‘Hearing aid beige’, apparently ā€¦  actually a copy of the sand mats colour.

painting range rover campervan
ready for th enext level of build
with the roof up but no material yet..

now its time to fit the windows and rear insulation , interior insulation and finally the interior

sikaflex anyone?
clear rear doors on campervan

we design the roof ourselves and make plywood templates for the company to make it.

roof template for campervan material

This will be the peak at the rear

and here is a video of us fitting the roof speeded up

here is us testing it just after fitting

testing camper roof on the Range Rover

after this we just had the small job of ā€¦…well a long list actually

the build get close to the end ->Part 5

6 thoughts on “Range Rover Overland camper build diary : part 4”

  1. Hi,
    Awesome project.
    I’m very impressed with your work- could you tell me please who made/sewed the tent for you and what kind of fabric did they use?
    Many thanks,

    1. Please forgive the slow reply, I didn’t notice that WordPress email wasn’t working so had no notifications of comments.
      the company is in Cannock, they were excellent and very helpful, giving loads of input int he design, they do lots of boats so really know how to make waterproof stuff.
      contact them here.
      01543 684 211 | 07801 555 166

  2. Hi,
    Awesome job, Iā€™m really impressed with the quality of this tent. Could you tell me please who made this tent for you and what kind of fabric did you/he use?

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