5 thoughts on “P38 off road bumper CAD files

  1. david morrell

    I am a big p38 fan. I have a 2000 MY diesel and I have done a number of mods to it over my 18 years of ownership. I am a retired engineer.
    I came across your write up about your p38 camper and the M57 engine only just recently while looking for something else. Fantastic job.
    I am on a number of forums but one UK one Rangerovers.pub in particular.
    Your write up has created a lot of interest. There are a lot of clever buggers already on the forum particularly on the p38 electronics which may compliment your knowledge.
    Can I invite you to join? You will be very welcome.

    1. Beady

      I would be happy to join, thanks for the invite

  2. Madis

    Thank you for the files!
    I have a problem understanding how the outrigger x brace inner and outer mount.
    Can you share some photos of the bumper backside?

    1. Beady

      I will fire up the CAD and take some snapshots for you

      1. Beady

        added some extra images of the inside braces.

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