Painting with Light := too much time on my hands ??

light painting Alex's seat
light painting Alex’s seat

Something’s just catch my imagination…daily 🙂 well actually constantly.
I came across this fun project a while ago and put it onto the list of TO (DO) play .
While building some race car emulators I noticed the LED strips had dropped in price so the time was right and one was ordered. a spare Raspi was enlisted and 1 hour later I had something working.
Then it just  waited on the bench while teasing me while I did the more important things.
today I finished it, added some buttons and stuck it on a strip.
then zapped the SD card with a power spike. restarted the build again and now its working.
I have put it out to the family and friend for ideas. tonight we will have a go. And see what painting with light can bring.
so with a cost of £30 GBP and a couple of bd minutes fun will be upon us.

with thanks to Gavin for the inspiration  although having to learn a new programming language PYTHON was a bit of pain and it appears to be irrelevant..

PYTHON why?  what’s it do better than other alternatives?





Manxman David Knight MBE, is a professional motorcycle enduro racer who has competed as a factory rider for most of the top motorcycle manufacturers in the world, including BMW, Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Sherco and KTM. Now thirty four years old he has won four World Championships, three American titles and ten British Championships. Along the way he has won most of the major enduro events around the world. His infectious character and clean image has won him an army of fans. Full information on Moving to four wheels is an important step in his career where he follows the current leading Dakar Rally competitors, all moved from bikes to cars. These include Stephan Peterhansel who has won eight times including on a bike and in car; others include Alfie Cox (Nissan), Nani Roma (BMW) and Cyril Depres (Peugeot).


Beady Race is currently putting together a package so that he will race a car in the 2017 & 2018 Dakar Rallies in South America. Additionally as part of his training programme he will spend time in the dunes in Morocco and compete in a ‘Baja’ event in Spain and a desert rally in Egypt. Throughout the two year package he will be involved in various promotional events.


The Dakar Rally is the largest single sporting event in the world; all the statistical figures for this event can be found on, go to ‘figures’. They include, typically, more than 600 competitors, 53 nationalities, 3,500,000 spectators and 1,200 hours of broadcasting in 190 countries.

This massive coverage still leaves space for documentary filming of specialised subjects.


Beady Race, currently part of RallyRaid UK will form a separate team for this venture. Formed in 1995 Beady Race had modest success prior to merging with RallyRaid UK in order to produce a state of the art desert racing car, the Desert Warrior. RallyRaid UK are Britain’s largest desert rally support organisation. . See During the eighteen years that they have been involved with the Dakar Rally they have taken more than four hundred riders, drivers and mechanics to that event. They also manufacture the Desert Warrior car and have supported their owners at desert rally events around the world. This support has included teams from South Africa, Australia, Canada, Bolivia, Mongolia and the United States. Their role will be to manufacture the cars, all support and organisation for the team will be with Beady Race.  Collectively the main people who will be involved with this venture have more than one hundred years of racing experience. Currently the website  is being upgraded to reflect this venture where timing is very important but will shortly provide more information.  It does show an image of the latest Desert Warrior car.


The Desert Warrior is a space frame design that is not based on a road going car. It is powered by a BMW three litre engine and uses the best available transmission, suspension and electronic components.  The design has been made to reflect the teams multi million pound sponsorship deal.


The venture is at the initial planning stage and will be based in Cheshire. The time schedule provides an opportunity for an interesting film which can show the story from conception, car construction, training, early events and one of the Dakar Rallies. There are several facets to the story including the car development but not least David’s move to four wheels which is an important career move for him. As usual he is confident; one of the challenges for Beady Race is to control his enthusiasm. A six thousand kilometre course in the desert can be unforgiving.


Can you suggest a production company that would be interested?

David KnightDakar rally Dave knight KTM dakar rallye


3d scanner upgraded and first test of race seat

Tested the upgraded 3D scanner on a race seat over christmas

the shiny black is hard for 3D scanners but the new scanner is looking good.

modelled it up and inserted it into the new chassis design m the iMike dummies fit in well.

I will show the gearbox scan when done.

Motodrive dakar race seat scanned
Motodrive seat scanned into 3D but not finished

Triumph TR4 Skid pan and bash shield

This is a Skid pan for the Triumph TR4.

Waiting to be fitted and abused at the rally's
Waiting to be fitted and abused at the rally’s


made from tough 6082 alloy the same as we use on the Dakar cars, this on is light and protects the sump and lower arms from damage on the jumps.

Triumph bash shield fitting to the chassis
Triumph bash shield fitting to the chassis

And here it is in action

Fitted to the trick little triumph TR4
Fitted to the trick little triumph TR4


Here is the drawing and how it fits to the chassis
Here is the drawing and how it fits to the chassis


3D scanning at the BeaDy factory

In the lull before Dakar 2015 I thought I would get some 3D scanning done,

I updated my rig with a new camera and prepared a BMW 6 speed gearbox for scanning.

BMW 6 Speed gearbox ready for scanning
BMW 6 Speed gearbox ready for scanning

I after I scan this I will post up the results, should keep me busy over Christmas.

the scanner will get a resolution of 0.3mm after I assemble the 3D model I will add the new gear lever to the model .

what’s the white paint? it spray chalk that wipes of easily after its scanned, it helps the scanner get all the details.

here’s a photo of when we scanned a pre launch Evoque for the Desert Warrior 3,

Range rover evoque 3d entire scan
Range rover evoque 3d entire scan

I have a full mesh of the interior and shell including the door apertures if you have need for it then  drop me an  email.

In the end we didn’t use the scan in the Desert Warrior 3, we started from scratch and used the Evoque flavour to get a styling angle on the car, although we do use Evoque lights  on the race car as they are just too expensive to get made in small numbers.

and for those that are reading this and wonder how to go from a real car to a  3d scan point cloud to a 3d model that can be machined, well the image below is part of the process.

Process of body styling
Process of body styling a Dakar Race car in CAD

From there we go to this


D4 WN5 front panels
D4 WN5 front panels


then to this


Desert Warrior 3 nearly finalised
Desert Warrior 3 nearly finalised


the next step is to 3D cut the foam on a CNC upper large machine

These are old school 3d foam plugs
These are old school 3d foam plugs


this is the old way of doing it, yes I know you think its far ahead of what you do but we have a new way of making the plugs, these foam ones are way too labour intensive and delicate to be cost effective, things have moved on a bit now.

and finally as easy as that, we have a Dakar race car..

Desert Warrior 3 in RaBe colours
Desert Warrior 3 in RaBe colours

EPAS for race cars

coming soon a new Electric power steering controller for race cars will be launched

powering up to 120 amps and with effective cooling and safety features that can be over ridden in arace .

retail will be around the £450 GBP


testing is in November.

Never a Boring day