Piss easy Pistes du Alpes part 2

cute chapel in the gorges at a wild campsite
Met these guys from Belgium while off roading near the col de jolie in the Alpes, nice chat at night until a miserable walker shouted for us to be quiet at 10pm because they had to get up at 6am to trudge around in circles on the hillside.

amazing how much even the Belgiums despise the EU, everyone they knew was in full agreement that the EU is not a democracy….she was an investigative journalist!! shows just what the EU is doing for Germany’s great plans of world domination…maybe 🙂

amazing gorge de frie near Annency.
Milly fills up her super tanker of a donkey she paid 55€ to walk around a town, no experienced ride for her 🙁 very angry and upset, the owners got told short and shrift.
amazing gorge de frie near Annency.
One happy girl gets to go back and ride on Its a small world after the disappointment of the 2017 visit
Dragons and castles at Disneyland
incredible mr jones
Mr and Mrs Incredible pose in front of a poster of a fat bloke and his missus
Le Havre wild camping site
Stairway to heaven on a busy wild camp site next to the English channel just north of Le Havre, by Etretat
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