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So maybe a few extra animals

after a great nights sleep I slept long and….Ok I didn’t,because little miss ant’s in her knickers was awake at 5 am looking at the sunrise. and at 5:30 am she woke me and pointed out of the window, A hyena was scouting around the camp, but the little bugger went the wrong side of the wildlife camera, so no proof.

I gently was allowed to wake up… actually no she burst into life insisting we get to see stuff at dawn and convinced me she had seen hundred of the dreaded toyotas roaming the plains.

we drove down a short way from the campsite and found this ugly Hyena blockimg the road.

We then found some black backed jackals wondering down the road.

But for some reason they kept stopping and shitting in front of us.. Not sure if it was a message or they knew it was me driving.

we wondered around the remoter regions of the vast plains and ended up at the Mara river again, to see some more Hippos, there are over 4500 hippos just in the Mara region, not so endangered now

the ranger met use and escorted us along the river bank, the hippos are the biggest killer in Africa nd are very agressive.

I asked how they kill, he said they just bight you, but how do they catch a human, well apperantely they run fater than a man!!, so how does he suggest avoiding them, he siad either jump a small log or a small ditch, because hippos are fucked, they can’t jump or climb aver it. Sorted, I asked Milly to test the theory

The hippos thought it was funny too
Are baby Hippos cute ??
Hundred of hippos floating around
hippos fighting
hippos in big fight in river
the mongoose just went around there bsuiness while the hippos fought
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