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Source of the Nile

After a disappointment about the cost of entering the national parks to finding the lovely Kikonko lodge on lake Albert we decided that $240 to drive 2 hours in Queen Elizabeth Park and see nothing was not worth it, 
So we headed towards the source of the Nile at Lake Victoria 
This made Milly happy as we could call into the only carrefour in Uganda and get some proper food, Rural Uganda is very poor and shop are a little, lets  say basic. 
We ended up at the amazing Kalagala overland campsite at a waterfall on the river nile. 
We are paying 12£ pppn night for this setup, all the covered area is only for us. 
The communal area has an amazing restaurant and a campfire… What a campfire. 
Well we could be in Wales at the campsite at lake llyn Gwyned for 40 quid packed like sardines..
Miy is looking at Bats not birds swooping over the rapids, thousands of them. 

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