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BMW diesel M57 and M57 N engine breather 3D printed

When converting the BMW 6 cyl diesel into other cars the air box can be removed like this

How to cut a BMW M57 air box
How to cut a BMW M57 air box

If you are having a catch tank then the exit pipe for the crank case breather seen at the rear hanging down can be cut short and then blocked off in the round turret with a washer and two pop rivets, the hose to the catch tank comes out of the round lid,

DONT FORGET TO REMOVE THE BREATHER FILTER !!! use the swirl cyclone instead of the filter.

BMW part numberĀ BMW 11127799366

this fits inside the breather on top of the engine, it replaces the paper filter that always clogs up.

BUT what if you want it in a road car and still want to recycle the fumes from the crankcase well then such a problem arose in the latest conversion.


This is what we did.

cut the air box as in the picture then CAD a model of a converter to make the pipe run along the top of the exhaust manifold


looks like this in the CAD


CAD model of BMW crank case breather adapter
CAD model of BMW crank case breather adapter


then we have it 3D printed and it arrives 6 days later and fits perfect

Adapter fitted before painting
Adapter fitted before painting


the adapter bolts on , uses an big fat O ring to seal and 4 M4 bolts.

note : do not try to glue up the hole in the crank case breather the oil will get through…everytime

when the engine is in I will update with the pipes fitted.



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