2 thoughts on “Video of some Range Rover P38’s doing there stuff in the dirt

  1. johaar

    I always hated them ,with a passion,even when i was a landy tech….had no love for them,untill i bought one….i aint never sellin my beast,never…..never lets me down,i must admit i got it fully modified,eas ripped out,offroad bumpers and so on and so on……never let me down,propably never will 🙂

    1. Beady

      I have always liked them, but never owned one, then I decided to make the camper, now have great respect for the engineers who designed it, and it’s the best real 4×4 Land Rover ever made, pity BMW thought that body on chassis was dead, someone should tell Toyota so they can stop selling millions of Land Cruisers !!

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