When SWMBO is sunbathing and your are bored…..

The idle mind ponders, and it seams fitting to not ponder techy stuff ( although I still do)

now having relaxed a lot and with some great off road tracks driven I have begun to notice the wildlife again.

This morning at breakfast we were joined by a little brown vole who popped up looked over the tall grass for tasty treats then bounding to the next vantage point like a flowing ribbon fluttering in the breeze.

While at the castle in Jumilhac , we looked upon its dreamy spires and roofs  the sun had started to sink into the tree line, darkness crept upon us, the shapes took on another look and it wasn’t hard to imagine being here in medieval times . It was at this point we heard a screech and then a large owl flew past , silent in flight and sinister in appearance this was the gentle side of the darkness , next we had two large bats fly from the round tower and swash and swoop by us silently vanishing into the dark woodland at the edge of our campsite. leaving us to think of stories and tales we knew would unsettle our sleep.

Tor the inquisitive among my readers ( both of you) which is the quietest in flight an owl or a bat ?

In the morning sunshine I thought what other weird and wonderful delights they must breed in the castle dungeons and as I enjoyed the smell of the fresh lavender I noticed a wee beastie hovering above the flower gorging itself on the fresh nectar.

black bumble bee in central france

I have never seen a black bumble bee with bright blue wings..

Another day another amazing view.

after a few more days we are now beside the river again with a lovely Chateau across the river looking like some James Bond villians lair, we await the helicopters and gunmen to arrive, I noticed on the floor these seed posd, they come from the tree beside me, the leaves expand into a kind of pyramid shape and contain the seeds , when they fall from the tree they blow in the wind ,roll along the floor and spread their seeds, I post this for Mother to identify the make and model of the tree for I am sure she will expertly put me right.


tree with leaves that fall as pyramids and blow in the wind

I must be bored. please find some Geek stuff to help this feeling pass

pyramid seed posd Dordogne

pyramid seed pods that come from a tree in the middle of France

SWMBO : a geek term for ‘She who must be obeyed’  — i.e. the wife {pron : Swimbow}

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