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Stone Enduro’17

Stone Enduro car 308 Chloe Jones photo taken by Emma Horton

Welcome back guys,  Sorry for the delay in posts however I have just started at University studying a Motorsport and Logistics degree anyway… Last weekend we went to what possibly will be my last race of the 2017 season,  We […]

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Back end so high? Rant

Well here’s my typical Monday rant which is finally on time and acutely on a Monday. Some may already have guessed by the title but for others that are reading this while glancing at EastEnders or something like that I […]

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Tuesday rant.

Sorry it’s not on a Monday but here is it , my weekly rant well not so weekly but attempting to get it weekly. So this week I’m going to be ranting about something that a lot of BS people […]

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Classic rant!

Hello guys , So here’s my normal rant sorry its not on a Monday I forgot to post it last night after spending all day drafting it, anyway … A very touchy subject to some but many may know the […]

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People that talk the talk?

So I thought I would start doing a little ‘rant’ section to my blog on Mondays making it a daily thing ( if I have enough topics to rant about) ,Which I know us equestrians love a good daily rant. The first thing […]

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