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Face of Tottie’s Benenden Base Layer.

Welcome back everyone, While I’ve been working away at University a few things have happened that I want to share with you all, sadly these will come in separate blog posts throughout the following week (s) as I simply can […]

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Hello guys, hope you are all well and enjoying the very last few days of the summer holidays. Just to let everyone know that we currently have 6 horses for sale all at different stages, with top quality breeding. WINGZ […]

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The start to seniors.

Huge apologies for the lack of posts however I have a few things that I’m going to be writing on here this week while I have the time so expect a few rants ect. Well as many of you have known over […]

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Fashion days!

Hello guys,I’ve been keeping busy as always and I’m not allowed to tell you why sadly however I can tell you that I’ve been spending some time modelling again… I’ve been enjoying the camera in some of the Tottie sport […]

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Tio’s tendon trouble.

Well I’m back, We have a lot to catch up on but i’m extremely stressed out due to college work. Nearly one year on after a life changing situation happened in June 2015 I’m happy that things are finally looking […]

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Change of plans.

Unique motorsport inspired horse Numner holder

Hello guys well i’m pretty happy about how the Easter show went at South view with Crystal, after some advice on classes ect from a close friend a few weeks back we decided we were going to try and get […]

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Small holiday.

Hello guys, god I’m so sorry the lack I’ve posted after redoing my blog but I’ve been seriously ill in and out of hospital this last 2 weeks. With me being seriously ill and my mum having to stay by […]

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The slow road to recovery…

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thermal imaging of the legs of our horse after a short ride, checking for heat build up. Betchton Manor

Hello guys , I have some fantastic news which some of you may already we well aware of. Well last Wednesday we were told by our local vets that we were allowed to get back on Tio to start walking […]

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Light at the end of the tunnel.

    As many of you will already know at the start of June this year my pony ‘Tioren’ had pulled a check ligament in his tendon which ment my final year on ponies would come to a close. This […]

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New team member for 2015

Hello guys, Sorry for not posting in such a long time. Some of you will already know about  my pony ‘Tioren’ having to be box rested anything up to 6 months dew to an injury which is a unbelievable shame for […]

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