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May Day Interclub weekend.

Baden Hall Round 1 Staffs and Shrops LRC Chloe Jones

Welcome back guys, I hope you all have had a wonderful bank holiday and enjoyed our entire summers weather in one weekend.  So Staffordshire and Shropshire LRC kicked off their season with an incredible 4 day event, which of course […]

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TyresDirect- My Choice

  Hi guys, welcome back to my blog. So the other weekend while I was at Ellington Banks with NORC, a few people asked me why I changed my tyres and the size choice along with how I was finding […]

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Face of Tottie’s Benenden Base Layer.

Welcome back everyone, While I’ve been working away at University a few things have happened that I want to share with you all, sadly these will come in separate blog posts throughout the following week (s) as I simply can […]

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Stone Enduro’17

Stone Enduro car 308 Chloe Jones photo taken by Emma Horton

Welcome back guys,  Sorry for the delay in posts however I have just started at University studying a Motorsport and Logistics degree anyway… Last weekend we went to what possibly will be my last race of the 2017 season,  We […]

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Race car ready.

BeadyRace- Chloe Jones Race car

Welcome back guys, Today the race car was finished and the final preps were done , meaning we’re ready for this coming Sunday’s race at Green Hall with Staffs and Shrops LRC. I want to Thank Staffordshire Signs & Graphics for the […]

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All about the finish at Driffield.

Preparing ourselves before setting off on Saturday to race, With the wear being so cold and windy I'm wearing my Tottie Swithun Base Layer in blue under my overalls to keep me warm.

Welcome back guys, well I hope you all are having a lovely dry Easter Bank holiday weekend where ever you are. We spent our weekend ( Friday – Sunday ) racing at Driffield with the Northern off road club ( NORC) which was a […]

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Equestrian world of Maynooth

Chloe modeling in early June with products available from

Hi guys, so first of all I have some exciting news. Equestrian world and myself will be continuing to work together over the up coming year, I’m thrilled for this as I have always enjoyed working with such a friendly guy ( […]

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Hello guys, hope you are all well and enjoying the very last few days of the summer holidays. Just to let everyone know that we currently have 6 horses for sale all at different stages, with top quality breeding. WINGZ […]

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Past and present.

A small update on Crystal , she’s had around 6 weeks off being at shows no fault to herself but my schedule for seriously complicated. The other week she returned to the ring at Dean Valley, we put her back […]

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Fashion days!

Hello guys,I’ve been keeping busy as always and I’m not allowed to tell you why sadly however I can tell you that I’ve been spending some time modelling again… I’ve been enjoying the camera in some of the Tottie sport […]

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