Welcome back guys, 

First of all, BIG Congratulations to Elfyn Evans and Daniel Barritt on the home win at Rally GB, M-Sport have had what seams a fairytale event. 

Well as you have probably already seen over my Facebook page, Instagram and snapchat accounts these last few days I have been at the Wales Rally GB working alongside the scrutineering team. This opportunity was given to myself by Myerscough College, Working hard while I was there meant I was lucky enough to be asked to come back again next year and work with the team at the event.   

While I’m normally on the other side of the table as a competitor, I made the change over feel very easy. I already knew some of the ropes from previous events and having experience with the FIA through my parents on the international Cross-Country circuit, this really helped me get a better look into what really goes down as a scrutineer on these kind of rallies. 

There has been a lot of lesson’s learned over the week and friendships were tested but overall the outcome of my experience with the team was simply amazing.  From the outside ‘the scrutineering life’ may seam very simply with easy tasks however the long hours and hard work that go into everything is well pretty crazy. ( there isn’t any other way of explaining it- it is mad ) 

It’s been one hell of an experience and I’m thankful I was part of it, However it’s now back to “reality” in Cheshire as tomorrow I step in front of the camera as filming starts. ( #Watchthisspace )