Hello everyone, this isn’t so much a rant however it probably will turn into one. This is maybe a little heads up for people that are thinking of going to an equine college after school. This is my personal opinion and I am not aiming this at any particular college just what I have experienced over the past year while being at a Equine College.

First of all I think everyone understands how bitchy high school was and how many times you wanted to drop out and become a stripper, well triple that and that sums up college.  Now have a look at the equine industry, for example the typical bitchyness that comes from showjumping or say showing now add them two together and you get the equine college, where girls with their 13.2 cob think they are competing at the Olympics. You would think everyone would have grown up a bit from high school and now understand how to keep their mouth closed, think again. They also seem to forget how to be true friends and begin to bitch about anything possible but that’s another subject

Then you have the class / yard work you must do which they constantly tell you “this would be 100% used in the industry”  when from constant experience in the industry you know full well it isn’t even used or even thought about being used. Constantly being told  your opinion is wrong and everything they teach you is the right way forward e.g “everything must go in a eggbut snaffle and BS riders just bit their horses up before correctly schooling them” Because they have obviously been there and done everything. ( maybe some have) Worst of all is some of the things they try and teach you in lessons its a joke, as I’m part of the BS and almost grown up in the showjumping world I’d like to think I have a decent eye on the sport from a viewers side and riders side ( basically knowing my shit ) but oh no wait until they try and teach you about the discipline you do, it’s stressful and annoying. Even worse when they get someone to teach you about the showjumping world that’s never been over a show jump in their whole life.

Although this is a very negative post on Equine colleges they aren’t as bad as they seem ( that’s lies ) but almost all of you will have to stay in education until you’re 18, so good luck to you all. I’ll be happy when my second year is over and done with.