Chloe Anna Jones

Female Cross-Country Rally Driver

4X4 EXPO @ Stafford Showground

Chloe Anna Jones in the British Cross Country Championship

You’ve probably seen me posting photos of me rushing around to get my car finished… well it’s still not finished but hey… If you’ve got nothing to do this Sunday (23rd Feb) why not come and look at some old […]

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Recap? I think so!

So I thought hey let’s recap on what you’ve all missed while I’ve not been blogging… I’m sure you’ve followed little bits on my facebook and Instagram accounts over the year, But lets be brutal on my poor decisions. So […]

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2020; Let’s start fresh…

Welcome back guys, It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog entry, in fact it’s been over a year since i last wrote to you guys. Man i hope you’ve enjoyed the peace. So to everyone that’s missed my […]

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NWLRC Interclub 2018

We’ll I’m finally home and slowly starting to recovery from what has been an incredible 5 days of camping and racing in North Wales. Round 5 of the Staffs and Shrops CSIC Championship was held by North Wales Land Rover […]

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Sweden to South Wales.

Well from the feedback I got while I was in Sweden at the Midnight Sun Rally I gather a lot of you read my contributing blog on their Facebook page, so there isn’t any need for me to explain what […]

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Midnight Sun Rally Debut

Midnight Sun Rally

Welcome back guys, so as I said the other week on my Facebook post I’ll be missing out Round 3 of the Staffs and Shrops Championships completely. I originally planned to be at the event but with being given this […]

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7 ways the Dakar Rally can suck the life out of you

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RallyRaid UK Desert Warrior 3 at the Dakar.

  Since ASO have just released the 2019 Dakar route which if you didn’t know is 100% Peru. I spoke to Mike Jones which has completed the Rally a number of times about his love for the Dakar, he said […]

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May Day Interclub weekend.

Baden Hall Round 1 Staffs and Shrops LRC Chloe Jones

Welcome back guys, I hope you all have had a wonderful bank holiday and enjoyed our entire summers weather in one weekend.  So Staffordshire and Shropshire LRC kicked off their season with an incredible 4 day event, which of course […]

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TyresDirect- My Choice

  Hi guys, welcome back to my blog. So the other weekend while I was at Ellington Banks with NORC, a few people asked me why I changed my tyres and the size choice along with how I was finding […]

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New Navigator, New Adventure.

Welcome back guys, I haven’t long been back in the U.K and I’m still trying to get my head around normal life again. This weekend has been very similar to the past 2 months, if you swap the sand for […]

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