So I thought I would start doing a little ‘rant’ section to my blog on Mondays making it a daily thing ( if I have enough topics to rant about) ,Which I know us equestrians love a good daily rant.

The first thing that annoys me, Is that you see a lot of it not just at your basic riding school or BS / BD / BE events but everywhere. People that are brilliant at ‘Talking the talk” as we call it now, they almost have you convinced that they are some FEI world cup showjumping trainer and that they can offer you all this brilliant training and advice to take you ‘to the top’ but only 6 months down the line to you realize it was all a bunch of lies and in fact they haven’t ever been into a showjumping ring before, Shouldn’t laugh I’m sure everyone has fell for that before.

Even if its face to face or online people really can give a good impression off that makes you think woah they have achieved and done so much in such a short period ( Which is possible in some cases ), when it’s not all quite so true and there is a few bits that they have pushed up to sound more impressive to the ear. e.g I won the big class at hopeland yesterday it was such a strong course,  when in fact they were the only one entered in the class and even if they fell off they still won. You see what I’m getting at now?

Retraining ‘naughty’ horses is kind of a art form, if done correctly and the horse does succeed back into its comfortable self at what ever discipline. However how many times do you see people advertising for ‘retraining of naughty or problem horses’ and then quote “years of experience with challenging horses at all different international levels” and you do some background research ( As we all do ) and find out 10 years ago they helped a local friend get a horse to go in a outline by constantly using draw reins.

Well a lot of the time you have to just nod your head ,smile and walk away and then laugh at it for the rest of the day.

This post isn’t aimed at anyone in any certain way or to get at anyone however if you feel like it is , maybe you should question a few things you talk about. (Joking)

Feel free to Facebook message me a topic to rant about for next week or anything that annoys you. This is my personal view so I don’t expect you to agree with everything I say.

Thank you very much for reading.


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