Hello guys, I thought I would write something short , personal and very meaningful to me as many will know I recently sold my mare after her super performance at Bolesworth International.

For a start I don’t think people don’t understand how heartbreaking it is to sell a horse that has basically become part of your life and family. For a lot of people selling horses is there life and that’s what they have to do for a living but to the rest of us ( partly myself) selling our horses is simply done by the situation we are put in, Sadly mine was because of work and lack of time for a talented mare such as herself.
When you spend mornings and nights with a horse and make a plans for the future with a horse and then it suddenly changes it almost feels like it was all a waste of time and effort and that you basically put yourself in the position to break your own heart.
It feels weird to see someone else posting photos of your horse on social media and straight away showing that growing bond with the horse? almost makes you feel jealous and makes you wonder “do they have something I don’t” “they bonded so fast it took me ages” But then you have to think about what you have achieved with the horse in the time you had and they will now grow from your blood and tears.

Many people think it’s simple selling horses and there is no regrets to it but I don’t think they understand that most of the time some people have regrets normally coming around the lines of “did I do the right thing on selling it now” normally because they know the potential the horse has in it. Sadly as everyone knows, Everything has a price and everything is for sale. It makes you feel empty / sad to sell a horse you spent nearly the whole day with every day 7 days a week.
Hope you all are okay, thank you for reading once again.
I wish all the best luck to Crystals new rider and hope they achieve some amazing results together.



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