Month: January 2019

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30 years in Brooklyn.

downtown Manhattan from the base of Brooklyn bridge This girl is following me around standing in all my pictures…I think she fancies me bridge in America Ghost bridge to Manhattan. Share your joy of knowledge […]

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This idea will also be stoled, next century

30 years #2

Downtown Manhattan and a statue by a French bloke.. Ferry across the Hudson.. (sing in a New York accent) Obligatory Statue picture, apparently its by some French bloke and it is meant to be quite […]

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30 years …

First class on BA to new York , and the air hostess knew who we where from Dakar, turns out she is a uber fan of Dakar and said to meet us was the best […]

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Tails from Motoplex in UAE

Mad max chevy on Yukon chassis at Um al Quwain Pirates of the carribean race car Bentley Red label Turbo resting in Dubai, ready for a minor repair Big brakes on the Desert Warrior 3 […]

Spot the plane

On our travels to Oman at the border…that doesn’t let you into Oman if the car isn’t in your name !!!! there was a airfield with some interesting old commercial jets. after the little issue […]