Time for Version 2 of the toolcase?

Hellenbak Tool kits

Keep the tools safe in all conditions
Keep the tools safe in all conditions

Strong tool boxes for Dakar

when the nearest human is 100kms across the desert pre trip preperation is everything
for when loosing a tool is not an option
for when it all goes horribly wrong you can depend on somethings still working
Missing tools ? no chance
hellanbak extreme toolcases for dakar rally cars
part of my learning curve about having a decent toolkit, I still have this BETA toolbox twenty year later
trays in the hellanbak tookset
well used and abused and still working in 2019
tough toolcases by hellanbak

3 thoughts on “Hellanbak

  1. Treb

    Can’t seem to find a mail or phone number for you- I’m enquiring about the Hellannbak tool case. Do you sell these without the tools so one can maske up ones own set?
    And info on costs etc of what is available and peli size too!

    1. Beady

      Hi Treb,
      we don’t sell that version any more the webpage is there for reference, we made the cases for the Dakar cars and all new Desert Warriors were supplied with one as standard equipment.
      Teng changed the design of the tools and the original design wouldn’t accommodate the new tools.
      I am always looking for the perfect tool case but have not yet found it, the Hellanbak was close to perfect for afew reasons, but the because it carried a lot of full-size tools it was heavier than I would like, making a titanium set would be awesome but very expensive.

      the Peli case is the 1450 which is a good size.
      there are now manufacturers that make them, and FACOM does a custom case option with waterjet cut foam.
      another option is http://www.shadowfoam.com which sell foam kits to do the same, if your good with a scalpel
      FYI, because of short runs and very hi-spec materials plus the Peli case is expensive (don’t shortcut on this, they are worth it) the case was around 900 gbp

      good hunting, and please let me know if you find something out there .


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