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  1. ame

    i’ve used your scan model of the gs6x53dx to understand dimensions ecc…. its possible by payment to have the bolt pattern of the transfert case fixing points….

  2. Erik

    I came across you and your wife camping in the french alps in 2018, I was with a friend, two Dutch guys both on ratty looking motorcycles and you had your drone out at that moment, any chance you still have a video? Ever since seeing the p38 overland camper i’ve been wanting to build a 4×4 camper myself, i’m currently converting a 1977 transit mk1 to 4×4 using a divorced lt230 transfer case connected to discovery 2 axles, any chance you have 3D CAD files of those parts? would be of great help building my project.
    Thanks in advance!

    1. Beady

      Hi Erik,
      Yes I do remember you, riding through pass while I was filming I remember the exact location, I have searched for the video but I do not appear to still have it sorry 🙁
      The Mk1 transit sounds great, the Discovery 2 axles are the best axles Landrover made, lots of upgrades for them are available, and very reliable.
      a company called Rakeway engineering in the UK make a front housing for the LT230 transfer box. the LT230 transfer box is probably the most reliable engineering thing Land Rover ever made, they are very tough and take a lot of abuse.
      I do have a basic model of the transfer box, a link to the blog post is below.
      Enjoy your travels in your van, and I will see you on the road 🙂
      also you may want to consider the BMW diesel M47 2.0 for it, plus 6 speed box, there are adapters to the lt230 transfer box, makes a great setup


      1. Erik

        Thanks a lot! I seem to be too stupid to extract the ZIP-file, but great thanks for looking it up and posting it. The Rakeway LT230 input shaft seems interesting, just what I was looking for. Simply buying stuff instead of machining it myself saves a lot of time.
        I’m currently using a Ford cologne 2.9 V6 engine, running on LPG / petrol, I would prefer a proper diesel engine over a petrol one, but the eco-maffia is slowly strangling them here..
        One the van is finished I wanted to take it on a spin around the the UK, so maybe I can hop by 🙂

        1. Beady

          you will probably have to look at it on a PC so you can enter the password.

  3. Vince

    hello and I wanted to congratulate you very very good work, I drive myself in p38 and I am looking to make my own PCs, I can be a little stupid I can not find the password in the ‘image I must not be subtle enough, can you help me thanks in advance

    1. Beady

      thanks, we have six P38 in our family now, it is a growing problem 🙂
      password maybe too subtle sometimes,
      it is the title of this page
      and my name


    Greetings from Turkey’ve tried a lot but could not decrypt guess I’m missing something. not working,

    I will be glad if you can help

    1. Beady

      Password is here


  5. Ján

    Hi. Well thank you. I’ve already downloaded it. So according to this scheme, will I include it in my P38? Have you redesigned the M57 oil pan like any other?

    1. Beady

      we have modified many sumps, but we have no drawings we do it on a one-by-one basis, we never got to a constant design


  6. Ján

    Hi. The link DDE4 engine conversion wiring diagram.pdf file is a link to: Can you please check it? I am grateful for your willingness to advise me.

    1. Beady

      Fixed, I was trying to reply to two different comments at once 🙁

  7. Ján

    Hi. So a normal M57 and a manual transmission. If it could be connected electronically, it would be great. Plan B is to convert that engine to mechanical injection.

    1. Beady

      It is not worth converting to manual pump the electric are easy and very reliable
      make sure the fuel suppy is good and you will have a reliable motor.
      a manual gearbox is a bolt on job nothing difficult.

      put the engine temp sensor from the old m51 engine into the top rad hose and use the exising origianl wiring ( the later signal are not compatable)
      here is a pdf of the miniumum wiring needed
      DDE4 engine conversion wiring diagram.pdf


  8. Ján

    I’m interested in the conversion of the P38 to the M57, I can do mechanical things, but I don’t know how to connect the electrical part. Engine ECU and Becm P38. Could you help me with this, direct me to the right path? Excuse my English it’s a translator. Thank you for any information.

    1. Beady

      are you converting a manual or auto gearbox?
      Are you using the M57 or M57N engine?


      1. Ján

        The plan is a normal M57 and a manual transmission. If the M57N is better, I’ll let you know. First we thought about the M57 2.5L and rework it for mechanical injection. The combination was to be an M51 pump and an E46 2.0 100kw injection. I’m still gathering information and looking for an easier way.

      2. Anonymous

        Hi. So a normal M57 and a manual transmission. If it could be connected electronically, it would be great. Plan B is to convert that engine to mechanical injection.

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