I am Beady,

this is what I do.

Beady at Dakar 2014
6 am on Dakar 2014

and I design these …. racing cars for off road including the Dakar rallye

Desert Warrior 3 in RaBe colours
Desert Warrior 3 in RaBe colours
I also built the Morgan CX-T
Zoe,chloe and the beady negotiating on our normal level
I did say never a dull day

Zoe , Chloe and the Beady negotiating in our normal style

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  1. Martin Ammer

    I’m allso intrested from copy of GS6X53 gearbox 3d scan…planning to transplant this gearbox to volto t6 engine 🙂
    Can you send further detail to my mail?
    Very big thank you! 🙂

    1. Beady


      This is the best I have, it is only basic but gives the length and face
      password is here



  2. André Resende
    André Resende says:

    Hi Beady… I managed to make everything working on my P38 with the m57 engine also

    The only two things im strugling with are the hevac and cruise control. Can you help me with that and how you solve that. I will apreciate the help.

    Amazing work with the over land project..

    Best Regards from Portugal

    1. Beady

      cruise control … is still working on it, so far the issue I have is the ECU version I am using uses the speed over CAN bus which I haven’t done yet, for the input into the ECU for the buttons the easiest way I found was to get a steering wheel switch panel from an early E46 330d and cut it up to use the small PCB, run some jumper wires for the switches, pos and neg then there is one signal wore with K-bus signals that goes to the engine ECU, this works fine and I have it connected to the button on the P38 steering wheel….. just need an e46 to sniff th CAn bus signals so I can duplicate them.

    2. Beady

      I have done a post on the HVAC for you

      cheers Beady

      1. Anonymous

        Many thanks for the help… if you come to Portugal will be happy to pay for the dinner 😉

        1. Beady

          Loved Portugal, we did many races there including the Dakar 3 times 🙂 , hope you have some success. here is some more info on the cruise for you.
          Cruise control on the M57

  3. Lawrence

    Hey Beady,

    I’m wondering if it’s possible I could purchase a copy of the 3d scan of the BMW ZF box 6 speed.

    I’m in the process is doing a adaptor plate and it would really help towards the build.

    Thank you 🙂

    1. Beady

      Which size, the GS6X53 or GS6X37,, the 53 is from the 3.0ltr 306D2/D3 and the 37 is from the smaller engine 306D1 , same on nearly all BMW engines around 2000 MY.

      1. Zachary Orme

        Hello I saw your file for the GS6X53 but I was curious if you also had a file for the GS6X37? Im swapping a Honda K24a2 into my E30 and I’m working on a adapter to mate the GS6X37 and your scan would be very helpful if you do have it. However if you do not its no big deal and I appreciate your time.

        1. Beady

          I dont have a scan of the gearbox, but this file is the bolt pattern for the gearbox, this is the same for many BMW engines petrol and diesel.
          The drawing is from the tin shield, we use a HD version to keep out the mud.

          BMW gearbox bolt pattern.dxf

          here is the Password

          good luck with the conversion


          1. Zachary Orme

            Thank you so much! Beady you are a legend! The pattern is exactly what I needed, I checked the center points measurements to verify with my transmission and it all fits exactly. You just made my adapter plate so much easier and quicker to draw in cad. Should have this plate cutting out on the cnc next week. Again thank you.

          2. Beady


            Just one quick point, for the main bolts at the side of the bell housing, that drawing has two, you will see them as an oval, use the inner ones for the 37 box, the wider is for the 57 pattern, we used engines with the wide pattern but fitted a small box on some cars.


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