Adventure overland show Spring 2019

Some things at the Adventure show that was very windy and cold, but the company was great and the band and the beer were fantastic..

The  Normal…

The Old…

A couple of old girls , this is a Volvo from the 60’s
and an old Bedford

The New…

plastic bolt on goodies for the boy overlander

The Small…

every 4×4 is welcome
TUK TUK, you may as well ride a bike, this is just torture for the sake of it.

The Big..

this was brand new, it had a garage at the rear the same as our old RB merlin, the wheelbase was ridiculous, it will get stuck very easy, really the 4×4 was just for flat fields.

I am sure someone will be happy with it but it lacked imagination or effort in its thinking.
not sure on the fuel consumption of this Defender camper but I am sure a good head wind would stop it dead/
Shiny Gold
Lots of Leylands, just like the one we cut up for the SKY carnage show
you wouldn’t want to buy the tyres for this baby, and it was the Hi Motability  version on coil springs. nice

The MOGs…

The Iveco’s

I remember the 40-10 WM, it was called MAVIS want it?

The trailers…

yes it is a trailer, and came in behind a beetle
£37k for this, well made, but what a price
now white wasn’t far away 🙂 

The unusual….

choose an unreliable car for overlanding…OK, a TVR will do ? he ,must have been rich to afford the garage bills.
these girls had a great setup and made nice coffee.

Even expedition Freelanders are here
Giant Hi Lift Jacks..
Cab D1 3 door !!
Edmondson old support truck, this truck came with us on Dakar 2005
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