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Off road racing in North Wales, Princess’s and power.

a peak into this country pastime of ours..

thanks to NWLRC North Wales Land Rover Club.

I don’t think I will give up my day job for film making just yet.

Nice WRC Hairpin Turn from Kevin in his monster racer and Disney princess’s in a Land Rover brings all the fun to Welsh off road racing scene.

Welsh winf causes major prncess wardrobe fail for the actors  in Snowdonia
Wardrobe fail for the princess

Share your joy of knowledge with the world..

Welsh Hillrally 1997 , was it really that long ago, how old am I really?

Always be careful when having a tidy up,

After a Scottish Hillrally sticker was posted on Facebook it brought back memories,

and then I started have a merciless tidy out and found this….

21 years ago, and this year Chloe and Milly are taking the plunge and doing the 2018 Welsh hillrally in 88″ ALRC spec car.

I bet the course doesn’t go through the forest like back in 1999, I still have the maps and the one in the picture is through the Halfway forest, a really tough stage and in October in Wales, you know it was wet.



Share your joy of knowledge with the world..