Hello guys, welcome back to my blog, I hope you all had a lovely lockdown Xmas and New Year.

I have to start off by saying despite my what seems maybe like “complaining”, I’m extremely grateful to have had these operations during a global pandemic because I know a lot of people that have had them cancelled or postponed during this period.

But yeah, on the 21st December I got knocked out again to have my tonsils out, yipppeyyy. Despite not being fully recovered from my first op, this was one I desperately needed. Having tonsillitis near enough every month is not fun. This time I went to Leighton in Crewe, little optimistic as I’ve never had a good experience there before. They took me to what seemed like a different hospital because I’ve never seen the hospital look so good, like 10/10 I’d recommend it from this trip.

I spoke to the surgeon about the issues I had last time and they advised I don’t have morphine and they use something else for the pain, no clue what it was they used but my come around was still frightening.

This time I woke up with a dropped temperature, shaking and struggling to come around, but what I do remember is them panicking while trying to put me in this heater machine, and then they gave me oramorph, brilliant. After a 3 hour nap I woke up in a empty ward, confused and cold dosing in and out for a while. I woke up and instantly just wanted to go home to the comfort of my bed, but they needed me to stay for another 6 hours for observations.

I got home about 10pm that evening and well, I never thought about the pain in my belly again, that was somewhat numbed out or was that the 60mg of codeine I was taking that did that… mmmm.

Again, first few days were a bit blur purely because I accidently took too much codeine overnight to numb the pain and was just out of it. I really struggled to eat, maybe a jelly pot a day if I was lucky, but cheers to the weight I lost. As I got better and more mobile, the frustration started, being hungry and having all these cravings (no I’m not pregnant) but not being able to eat them because of the pain!!!! What type of cruelty is this! and honestly the worst part of this was the fact I struggled to eat Christmas dinners, I practically sucked on a spud.

but hey, I’m nearly 2 weeks on from the operation and getting back to normal and instead of doing what everyone else does over winter by weight saving on their Race Car, I weight saved myself by having body parts removed.

I’m able to eat and talk now which means it’s time to focus of my 2021 aims and put these surgeries behind me…

Lots of Love, Chloe x


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  1. Hi Chloe glad the operations have gone well and your on the mend now , sounds like you had a rough couple of weeks you can get back to your racing stay safe xx Happy new year Chloe Xx

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