Chloe  Anna Jones

Let’s get to know me a little bit hey? Where do I begin… 


I’m a 21 year old female from Cheshire, currently living in Oxford. From a very young age I got involved in Motorsport, I live and breathe for the sport. But this wasn’t where my career started as a professional athlete…

Chloe Anna Jones

It wasn’t always horsepower… it was originally horse power, that’s right, I went from four legs to four wheels. During my 12 years in show jumping I achieved 3 GOLD Medals representing England North and winning over 30 Championships. In 2016 I made the decided to sell everything and follow my dreams, this lead me to chasing Dakar, like everyone else. August, 2016 I purchased my first race car and 3 years later I became British Cross Country Champion (C7). November, 2019 I purchased my first off road bike and in January 2024 I aim to compete in the Dakar Rally on a bike… I think that tells you how ambitious I am. 

Don’t let my blonde hair fool you… 


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