30 years …

First class on BA to new York , and the air hostess knew who we where from Dakar, turns out she is a uber fan of Dakar and said to meet us was the best people ever in 20 years of first class service to have on board. we got first ++ service 🙂

Constant supply of top champagne pleased some of the passengers on the flight…
Not your average in flight meal, lovely al a carte steak, and later fresh baked scones.
Amazing wooden escalator in Macy’s department store.
homeless people in cold New York are very resourceful.
Horses on the Central park queue fight the pigeons for their tea
Central park and the perimeter of big buildings. Its a nice place in the centre of a city, but thats it
Someones in Wonderland
unusual and disturbing sculpture near central park metro station
The New York Metro is a seriously depressing place.
View of downtown Manhattan from the Empire state building.
isn’t it just 🙂
Cool NYPD support vehicles ina big line up
DeLorean back to the future….nearly
NYPD in times square
Times square
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