Another red hot day ( actually the first hot day) and another medieval town.

The town of Sarlat is very pretty, it lacks any big chateau or castle but must have the highest concentration of restaurants per Sq km in the western hemisphere all geared to tourists, Milly tasted some very rich cheeses and then tasted a very rich price, 27€ for a small lump, now she says she is not wasting it on me  and I am stuck with Oreos.


Sarlat , a gem of a view at every turn

Sarlat , a gem of a view at every turn

village of Sarlat south of france

although some idiots still get to block the view

we are getting a bit village and Chateaue’d out now so off too the river to try some kayaking… maybe….

a few little detours down dirt tracks and a quick visit to the Templar knight town of Domme we found a great place to stop and enjoy the fruits of the 4×4 camper down a little lane then down a path that dropped steep on,to the beach we have sat and watched the tourists paddle by on the river gazing at our perfect little private campsite ….while we shelter from the torrential rain.. I mean burning sun..


dordogne camping in aoverland camper 4x4

perfect campsite for overland campers on the river

just the private spot near Domme and the templar nights castle for private camping

tucked away nice


I caught the local cave women  gathering  wood for the beach fire tonight and roast the wild hog ..

Milly doing her bit for my comfort

Milly doing her bit for my comfort

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