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De ja vu

something strange this way comes…..

so yesterday a Dodge 50 RB44 and an Iveco roll up, how spooky

the owner of the Iveco is Kev moody long time no see from Dakar 2006.

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3 thoughts on “De ja vu

  1. Kevin moody

    No blue 2,just little mali 1.
    Great to see you both again.
    Regards to folks.
    See you on the road.
    Kevin & Dani

    Ps can you mail me the details of the company that widens wheels(for off road use only)

  2. Dad

    Has he still got Blue? Not possible but he might have Blue 2. Dad

    1. Beady

      He does have a new dog they found in Spain tied to a tree, so they adopted it, I think its called Mylie, she is a very nice dog.

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