How do you hold your tool.,,

be prepared !, as the Scouts say. Well in the race cars we carry a Leatherman charge TTI and need it in a handy place, I have always hated the method of using a zip tie on a  standard sheath idea onto the roll cage like this.

Letherman in a holder on arace car for off road

so another quick 5 minutes on the CAD ( days ?? ), 

I had a prototype , then I had a 3D print version , then I tried again, and again.

Letherman plastic mounting that clips in and holds secure, easy removal by squeezing the two tabs

After four attempts, I found the winner.

leatherman charge holders for roll cage in race car
fourth time is a good one

testing on a real roll cage.

leatherman roll cage bracket, storage holder device
prototype #4 testing

Now to get a proper 3D print version in a nice colour.

I will add an update and then add it to the shop on so you can buy it in any colour you fancy.

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