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Your Dream workshop , a visit to Maltec Overland vehicles Germany.

Every so often I visit Maltec in Germany to work/view Dakar race cars but also having an overland passion I thought this time I would make a quick video of the workshops for the community to see inside.
If your building your own then there are ideas here, if you have the money then enjoy what is available.
The company build high quality, good design, and are built with passion. but they are still built for profit so while they are one of the best you can buy if you have the skill you can make better. if you did have the budget and it would have to be large then I am sure Maltec will make you the ultimate overland camper.

The vehicle back in the video in black on the floor and on the rear of the white Land Rover shows you the quality of the carbon fibre design.

The randomness of the video is because I am learning new editing software and wanted to try ideas,

No sound? I couldn’t decide what to use so left the video quiet for peaceful contemplation of what can be.

the green Defender is a trade in, not something built by Maltec

Share your joy of knowledge with the world..

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  1. Overland vehicle factory tour video. - Horizons Unlimited - The HUBB

    […] Overland vehicle factory tour video. Disclaimer : This is not a sales promo for Maltec, and I have no affiliation with them, I build all my own stuff. -// Built not Bought \- is for me. This video is for people doing research and want to see past some glossy brochures and adverts to what is in the background. its OK seeing these vehicles on the tracks or at overland shows but here they are being built. if you are building a vehicle yourselve then you can get an idea of how the professionals work. more space, more help, more tools, more room etc etc and probably much bigger budgets . I hope somone finds it helpful when researching thier next project or are just curious to see inside a rare factory. Your Dream workshop , a visit to Maltec Overland vehicles Germany. – BeaDy […]

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