Range Rover overland camper build diary : part 6

Always something else to do

There is always something else to add..

so after many months I finally get the rear step design finalised and after a mock up was tested at the Scottish Hillrally I made a lightweight alloy version.1

3d model of extreme amazing campervan step
3D model of the final step design…I hope it the final one 🙁
Here is the base parts just after treating for corrosion.
really cool design for a rear step on an overland camper
Yes it does fold away nice and neat.


one problem I had was the locks on the sand ladders and the side storage filling with dirt and water so I decided to make rubber cover.

3d printed lock cover
3D model of the lock cover, the two upstands are to help molding
making a mold for lock cover
Preparing the plug to have the silicon mold poured
a rough cut to open the mold helps with reassembly when finally do the molding
Finished rubber cover on the Oil storage tray

The last job ( almost 😜 ) was to get a new number plate, well actually it wasn’t because we already had Milly on the plate but up popped DAK8R on ebay ,

immatriculation pate DAK 8R
DAK 8R DAKAR rally registration plate

After a stressful 2 days it was finally purchase from the really nice Kev Cooper at Cooperized motorcycles down in Feltham,London.

lucky girl gets DAKAR registration plate for her extreme overland camper range rover
Happy 30th Wedding aniversary Milly

Follow its adventures here


change the steering arms to take standard track rod ens

Make some small rubber HUB caps to stop the drive shaft ends rusting

and and ….

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