Oman 2018 , camping and exploring.

Toyota Land cruiser 5.7 V8 off road in Oman
Toyota Land cruiser 5.7 V8 off road in Oman
And the start of the fun, every track is legal in Oman.
IBRi castle in the wadi of oman, Lunch time in the shade
Milly rests after a hard slog up the dunes in southern Oman
some lovely sunsets
Snake canyon, miles and miles of rock cut like butter
Christmas day call home 🙂
Milly holding up the world
Sama Wakan hotel, in Wakan heritage village deep in the high mountains, fantastic place
Some nice old building , very much the opposite of Dubai
Wakan trail into the mountains
Rare picture of us together
Milly checks out how fat she looks in her little black dress !!!
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