Please can I go to the aircraft museum on our wedding anniversary ??

in a blizzard snow storm, I promise to stay married for another 30 years (although it may not be with you after this )…please pretty please, you never know you may like it. and then we can do it every year …

our 30th wedding aniversay evening on the ferry docks for the Delaware – new Jersey ferry.. and that girl is here doing a  photo bombs again , she’s even still got the same coat on…WTF
oh what joy Milly was so happy to see the sign appear through the snow storm

WARNING: If you want to see the SR71 blackbird at the national air and space museum in Washington, then Don’t go to Washington it’s not there!!, it’s at the satellite museum of the air and space museum at Chantilly here

This site is much better, more exhibits including a space shuttle and Concorde and easy parking

Is there a better engineered shape? you can keep your oil painting and you church roofs this is a shape and machine that is beyond comparison
Milly let me drive over an hour into a snow storm to look at this, she never tutted and even made me believe she was interested.. I am lucky to have such a wife.
the people who put this on paper should be proud
and proof I was actually there, a rare photo of me on a pilgrimage.

There was other interesting things at the museum like……..

some of the oldies were just excellent
this was a scary French bomber
looks fast just stood still.. and a kit plane that can do 400MPH !!!
just too much content in these two  pictures to comment on
Emilia Earhart’s plane , A inspiration for my girls
even my mum knows what this is…
and again did I mention there was a Blackbird at this museum ??
what a collection
look at the arse on that..
Share your joy of knowledge with the world..

One thought on “Please can I go to the aircraft museum on our wedding anniversary ??

  1. Mum

    Jimmy will spend hours plane spotting on those photos…trouble is he will know all of them!

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