They are all the same castle in Ouarzazate !!

The castle has a different look from each of the four sides but is one and the same building, recently renovated for a new film production in 2018.

Along with Jerusalem a Mexican town and another we have not mentioned so you can explore you selves.


Jerusalem is starting to show signs of its age and lack of upkeep, the wall are tumbling down but still worth a visit.

Fill me up love


Memories of a childhood spent slaving at the oil pumps…

Milly remembers these petrol pumps from the garage and I am sure Reg will tell you the model.

This surreal gas station is not in Arizona or Texas but on the desert road south to Foum Zguid, the interior is exactly as the film crew left it after filming ‘The hills have eyes 2’. you will have to pay a visit to see the interior.


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